H2O Worldwide Group, Inc. is located in Austin, Texas and we proudly manufacture our product in the USA.  Our gravity water purification system provides solutions for safe drinking water for humanitarian AID and emergency preparedness efforts. We are an authorized U.S. distributor for British Berkefeld® filters and KOHLER Clarity®  for the humanitarian, emergency preparedness, disaster relief  sectors.  Our system is used in emergencies and natural disasters by AID organizations and agencies around the world to obtain potable water. ​​We believe everyone deserves clean drinking water.




Construction Conductor provides construction management solutions in the commercial and high-end residential markets.


Fromh2omex_water a wooden hut in Oaxaca to an office building in London, the Doulton ® and British Berkefeld ® filters are constantly providing clean water to millions of people in different parts of the world. H2OMex is the exclusive distributor of Doulton ® and British Berkefeld ® and provide safe/clean drinking water to the citizens of Mexico.  Start-UP Blaster, Inc. has partnered with H2OMex in an effort to promote their clean dr
inking water initiative.

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