Start-UP Blaster, Inc. becomes Exclusive Mexico Distributor for WhiteyBoard Company

Austin, TX August 19, 2014 – International product expansion services company, Start-UP Blaster, Inc., today announced a strategic partnership with the Mark Cuban backed, California based, WhiteyBoard Co. The partnership is dedicated to promoting WhiteyBoard’s innovative product line of stick-on whiteboards and dry-erase paint to consumers in Mexico. Start-UP Blaster will have exclusive distribution rights throughout Mexico.

“We are excited to be working with WhiteyBoard,” said Craig Rider, CEO of Start-UP Blaster, Inc. “We take pride in distributing high quality innovative consumer products to the Mexican market, and the entire product line of WhiteyBoard complements our core mission of working with revolutionary products and a management team dedicated to offering innovative product solutions to consumers. We look forward to working with them.”

WhiteyBoard is focused on delivering the kind of value that will wow you.  In terms of performance and cost-effectiveness they rise above the competition.  The numerous benefits of dry-erase that were once confined to conference rooms and lecture halls are now affordable enough to be accessible to the everyday consumer. WhiteyBoard will utilize this new partnership to expand its global offering and reach emerging markets with its full product line of paints and whiteboards.

 About Start-UP Blaster, Inc.

Located in Austin, Texas, Start-UP Blaster, Inc. is an International Product Expansion Services provider specializing in direct exports to Mexico and Latin America. Our product-to-market strategy is the most efficient and effective way to launch your start-up’s innovative consumer products in emerging global markets. More company details can be found at 

About WhiteyBoard Company

At WhiteyBoard we’ve taken a centuries old concept and streamlined it for the modern world. Brilliant in its simplicity, our Stick-On whiteboards deliver all of the functionality of conventional whiteboards at a fraction of the cost.  Our specialty adhesive bypasses the need for heavy materials and arduous installation. The flush mounted design gives an unmistakably sleek and contemporary look. WhiteyBoard Paint is breaking the age old taboo of drawing on walls.  In one coat it converts any smooth surface into a veritable dry-erase canvas.  Now everyone is not only allowed, but encouraged to unleash that childhood instinct to express themselves on the nearest wall.  A solution that’s as cool as it is practical, it’s practicool.