Mexico and Latin America are areas which have one of the largest and fastest growing economic developments in the world. However, it is also one of the most complex and difficult regions to conduct business.

We have a working knowledge of specific country markets, market size, market pricing, business culture, competition and legal requirements.  In addition, we fully understand the cultural differences of each market.  Not grasping these major factors is a direct result of why companies fail to gain market share in these emerging markets.

Start-UP Blaster offers the necessary market data and business planning in order to competitively put your product in desired target markets.

global-picWhen you team up with Start-UP Blaster we essentially become your Mexico/Latin America sales and marketing division. We attend local trade shows and events promoting your products, develop marketing strategies specific to each emerging market, meet with local entrepreneurs and business professionals to gain more product exposure and ultimately we sell your products and increase your profits. Our established regional presence eliminates the need for separate distributors or manufacturers representatives in each country. Start-UP Blaster strategically positions our clients to reach and sell to all  Latin American markets with one point of contact.

Our Services Include

  • Regional sales and support coverage for every major market in MX/Latin America
  • Trade Shows/Fairs/Exhibitions/Seminar representation
  • Full supply chain management and logistical support
  • Importation / Warehousing / Distribution
  • Warranty registration and post-sales service
  • Strategic planning and reporting
  • Market specific marketing campaigns
  • Full-time call center and technical support

In addition, we offer a variety of professional audio services including audio production, audio design, integrated services, foley recording and production, actor and/or presenter/commentator casting services and dubbing from any language to Spanish.

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Sales + Revenue + Profits + Growth = Start-Up Blaster, Inc.