Construction Conductor

Commercial Owners project protection!


The help you need to ensure everything goes right!

Construction Conductor provides Owner Representation, Program Management and Project Management to High-End Residential and Commercial Businesses to ensure projects are  well designed, competitively priced, and have quality construction.

Why Hire a Owner Representative Project Manager?

Owner Representation and AdvocacyWe protect you and your project stakeholders’ interests.


Total Project Vision & Total Project Management – It’s easy to overlook little things when you face the demands of running a business. That’s why our outside perspective is so valuable; we’ll organize the entire project from start to finish and point out every little area where we can minimize disruption, save time,  save you money, ad minimize potential headaches. These “quick wins” can add up to finishing early.

Complete Transparency – We don’t just show you the numbers, we let you see the bids and help you understand what labor and materials really cost. During the entire project, you’ll know where every dollar goes, and by the end you’ll have an accurate record of expenditures.

Maximize Your ROI – We believe saving you money and getting the right people to get your project done right is the most effective way to maximize your return on investment. We use creative solutions and industry standard approaches to manage projects so they get quality design and construction as quickly as possible and for the lowest possible cost.

Decisive Project Tools – Knowing the true status of the project requires putting the right tools in place and using them to track and predict production. We provide comprehensive project budgets, critical path schedules, invoice review assistance, cost and schedule monitoring, and regularly updated progress reports.