Expand to the USA

usaIf your product or business model is a success at home, expanding your business in the USA market offers great potential.  Start-UP Blaster, Inc. helps you identify the best possible entry into this market by conducting meticulous market research. Our staff will review your products/services, business plan and marketing strategy and determine the most efficient and effective way to reach American consumers.

Market Entry Strategy

We review/create a blueprint for the delivery of your goods or services to your targeted market and end user. We evaluate your potential customers and competition: What’s already out there? Can you offer competitive products / services / prices? Do you offer a comparative advantage over the existing competition?

Start-UP Blaster will:

  • Identify the best potential customers, locations, sales leads and channels
  • Calculate estimated sales volumes
  • Identify the best distribution channels
  • Research your competitors; their products, services, distribution channels, marketing strategies
  • Research current and future political and economic climates
  • Evaluate importation issues, duties, regulations and other restraints, if any, that would effect your operation
  • Conduct extensive market testing to understand the viability, transferability and profitability of your product(s) or service(s)
  • Analyze the market and determine if your marketing techniques and product image/packaging are transferable
  • Market opportunities, risks and environment

Competitor Analysis

The fundamental questions we research on your behalf are:

Who are the top competitors?

What products or services do they offer?

How do they price their products or services?

What comparative advantages do they have over you? What advantages do you have over them? And can these be overcome and maintained, respectively?

We can conduct a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) analysis, too.


Let us help you expand your business to the USA successfully, contact us today!