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Thank you for considering Start-UP Blaster as your international product solutions company.  We select only high quality consumer related products that will add value for your customers and increase your company’s bottom-line profits.   All of our products are Retail-Ready.  We conducted extensive research on each product and have the exact cost associated with moving the product from the manufacturer directly to the shelves in our stores.  Please review the products below and contact us with any questions or comments.


WhiteyBoard – Innovative Dry Erase Products

A Mark Cuban Company

whiteyboard_paint_kits_1WhiteyBoard is a unique product line that targets consumers in the office, school and household markets.  If you are seeking a product line that will boost revenues and offer your customers a high quality innovative twist to the traditional dry erase boards, WhiteyBoard is for you.



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calendario mensual borrable y reusable 854779003454

calendario mensual borrable y reusable 854779003454



RevoLightsRevolights provides a functional headlight, brakelight and true 360º visibility in one fully-integrated, revolutionary design.  Revolights are creating a new standard for bicycle safety. Revolights is bringing innovative bike lighting solutions to market.

Patented, award-winning Revolights bike lighting system consists of wheel mounted, “smart” LED rings that provide forward path illumination, plus a huge increase in 360-degree visibility ensure maximum safety by offering both lighting and sighting in one revolutionary design.  Revolights provide superior lighting by fully illuminating a cyclist’s path. Revolights produce a uniquely even and wide vertical swath of light, illuminating not only the ground but road signs and elevated obstacles as well. The light’s low origin also allows riders to determine the height of obstacles in the road by the length of their shadows.

Inventors of the “World’s Best Bicycle Lighting System” – Men’s Journal.


Aeromeister -1880-    Aviation Watches

Aeromeister 1880 is a European company seeking to reach the USA and Mexico markets. Start-UP Blaster, Inc. has been selected to accomplish this objective and we look forward to working with Aeromeister 1880 brand.

Our watches are designed and developed for the true aviation enthusiasts.  We have carefully crafted a high quality product line of professional pilot watches for everyone who desires to reach new limits to enjoy.

Our  watches are based on the heritage of aviation. Aeromeister pilot watches are designed and developed with passion and sense for aviation. The designers have specifically focused on every detail and only high quality materials and the best techniques are implemented. The pilot watches have a solid brushed stainless steel cases and high quality chronograph movements and are tested under the most extreme conditions.

At Aeromeister 1880, we honor past pilots and celebrate future aviation enthusiasts!   




Rock-IT  – Portable Audio Speakers



The greatest speakers on Earth!  Rock-IT is a unique device that turns any object into an audio speaker.   This product is a great addition to your existing merchandise and caters to a wide variety of demographics.

Newly updated Rock-It 3.0 Features :


  •   Turn any object, yes literally ANYTHING into a speaker
  •    Built in rechargeable lithium ion battery that will provide 10+ hours of play time
  •    Daisy chain capability: The more and more you connect..the louder and louder they get!
  •    Volume control: Now you can adjust the volume of your music right from the Rock-It
  •    One flat side: It won’t roll off your table or desk
  •    Locking mechanism: The Rock-It now will lock in place when you’re not using it
  •   Perfect for: Traveling, the office, around the house, and anywhere else you want to ROCK IT!
  •    The more hollow the object the better the sound quality you will get
  •    Amaze your friends and family with this revolutionary way to listen to your music
  •    Works with ANY device that has a standard 3.5mm headphone jack: iPods, iPhones, Droids,  laptops, blackberrys, etc.
  •    Size: 1 x 2.5 inches


Works Great On: Carboard boxes, appliances, coolers, drawers, cups, bowls, lamp shades, tupperware, file cabinets and much much more!

Product Includes: Rock-It 3.0 unit with built in rechargeable battery, extra sticky pads, and a USB charging cable






KissTixx Lip Balm

A Mark Cuban Company


Kisstixx®just took lip locking to the next level. Each package contains two flavors, one for you and one for your partner. Simply lock lips to mix the flavors and experience a kiss you won’t soon forget. Visit our products page to checkout all of our flavor combos, and find chemistry in every kiss. After years of mediocrity with the ladies, Kisstixx® founders Dallas Robinson and Mike Buonomo decided to make some sweet MySpace profiles. When that didn’t pay dividends, they transformed their dorm rooms at Utah Valley University into makeshift chemistry labs and created what is arguably the best thing to happen to kissing since the French got their lips on it -Kisstixx®. With their newfound all-star level tonsil hockey skills, they are now much more popular with the ladies—and by popular we mean they don’t have to do product testing on their hands anymore.

Start-UP Blaster is actively distributing this amazing product to retailers in Mexico and Western Europe.



Lollacup – Innovative infant/toddler straw sippy cups

Lollacup-Products lollacupPacakging





  • a stylish and smart alternative to the traditional sippy cup
  • valve-free, weighted straw allows infants as young as 9 months old to easily and effectively drink from a straw, even if the cup is Tilted!
  • bpa-free, phthalate-free
  • Made in the USA